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Justice League, Vol. 2: The Villain's JourneyJustice League, Vol. 2: The Villain’s Journey by Geoff Johns
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What made this story interesting were the themes of faith and hubris. The Justice League, still high from the public adoration they received for defeating Darkseid, has become too comfortable in their spandex suits and grown cocky. This is evidenced by their haughty rejection of Green Arrow as a possible member. They are brought back down to earth when they face the wrath of their most stalwart fan, David Graves. It’s Graves who gives the “Super Seven” the more comely name, “Justice League”, and it is Graves’ book that is depicted near the end of Justice League Volume One. On its cover, the Justice League is depicted with the title, “Justice League: Gods Among Us”.

Graves’ adoration of the League corrodes as his wife and children succumb to an unknown disease that he blames on the League. He is also dying from the same disease. Where he once held the League in high regard for saving his family and him, he now chides the League. In his final days, He makes a journey to the icy mountains of Central Asia and is reborn as a deadly mystical enemy, an Asura.

What makes this version of the Justice League interesting is the idea that they have to actively work at gaining the trust and confidence of the people they believe they serve. It’s not readily accepted that they have the world’s best interest in mind.

In addition to the central story are the side stories of Wonder Woman’s relationship to Steve Trevor and to Superman! Also, there is the group of heroes that Amanda Waller is recruiting for.

I read this volume as an ebook on Kindle. A wholly different experience from reading the first volume in good old fashioned print and paper. The most frustrating thing (though not a deal breaker) is the inability to see the whole page clearly. There should be a way to pinch and shrink or grow the size of the text and images on the page.

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