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Teen Titans, Vol. 2: The CullingTeen Titans, Vol. 2: The Culling by Scott Lobdell
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Maybe it’s because I haven’t read book one or that I’m just not familiar enough with the Teen Titans to enjoy the nuances, but I just couldn’t get that into any of the stories. Also, I can handle Wonder Girl and her Silent Armor but Superboy’s TK power was a little too much for me to accept. I am also a little wary of Bunker’s “psychic” bricks. I think Teen Titans is a ripe discussion of plausible super powers (How far can the writer go with powers before the reader stops accepting it?)

This volume concludes “The Culling” story, where a villain named Harvest has been kidnaping teen heroes and inducting into an army with questionable intentions. That story leads into one with Kid Flash as the main character battling it out with alternate reality dinosaur-human hybrids. And the volume concludes with an origin story for Wonder Girl’s Silent Armor.

There are some potentially interesting relationships being developed in the story which may help give the characters a little more umph. With an ensemble as large as the Titans, characters need to be particularly grounded and developed in order to stand out.

I’m not a huge fan of the Titans based on this book but to be fair this book has sparked my curiosity about them. I will probably pick up Volume 3.

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