Goodreads Review: “Warp Speed”

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Warp SpeedWarp Speed by Lisa Yee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the third Lisa Yee book the boys and I have read together. Every once in a while, the boys will retell the scene from Bobby where his little sister asks him what his fish is doing and then break out laughing. Marley, the narrator in Warp Speed is older than Bobby but lives in the same Rancho Rosetta community. Looking on the book flap at Lisa’s other books, their interconnectedness makes me think that maybe Lisa is this generation’s Beverly Cleary. My youngest is reading Henry Huggins now. There is a similar sense of humor and accessibility.

Warp Speed effectively speaks to bullying and the isolation middle school children feel when they start noticing the social hierarchies that exist onto adulthood. It also effectively portrays the hurt children feel when good friends are pulled apart by natural changes in character and likes.

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