Goodreads Review: “Voodoo Heart”

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Voodoo HeartVoodoo Heart by Scott Snyder
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

To be honest, “Voodoo Heart” was my least favorite story in Scott Snyder’s collection, Voodoo Heart.

Voodoo Heart is a very well organized collection of stories from the writer of one of my recent favorite comic books, American Vampire. The title story marks (though in my opinion, not well) the climax of a series of stories exploring the notions of “attachment” to places, people, and things in 1930s America. Not to belabor the point, while “Voodoo Heart” might have been a good story presented in isolation but sandwiched between stories like first story in the collection, “Blue Yodel” and the last, “The Star Attraction of 1919”, it is a disappointing slice of salty bologna in between two warm, delicious slices of soft bread.

“Blue Yodel” and “The Star Attraction of 1919” make nice bookends to hold up and keep in place the stories in the middle. Where “Blue Yodel” ends with its protagonists dangling from a blimp, searching for his girl, “The Star Attraction of 1919” is about a pilot picking up a lost girl, falling for her, losing her, and ends with him proceeding on his own way.

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