Designer Ice Cream

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“Ice Cream” reminds me of Eddie Murphy’s little dance from Delirious. I don’t normally do this, but the concept is too good to pass up – “Designer Ice Cream.”

This is the press release I received from Cowabunga Ice Cream:

FORKED RIVER, NJ, March 1, 2011 – Foodies and fine-living connoisseurs rejoice! Cowabunga Ice Cream company today announced that, with the re-launch of its new Web site at, it’s super premium “designer ice cream” brand has gone national, with its inimitable ice cream and probiotic frozen yogurt offerings now available for online purchase – minimum product order $50.00 – to ship to consumers throughout the continental U.S.

“Cowabunga Ice Cream elevates the ice cream experience from ordinary to extraordinary by combining divine premium ingredients with distinctive flavors that leave our customers longing for more,” notes Ellen Schack, founder of Cowabunga Ice Cream. “While our inspired ice cream blends are ultra rich and luxurious on the palate, our brand uniquely blends this exquisite epicure experience with the fun and relaxed sensibility of surfing and beach culture. This I call the ‘Cowabunga lifestyle,’ which translates to living life to the fullest and in abundance until it overflows. We’re anxious to share our ice cream, and the culture it represents, with food-and-fun-loving consumers and event planners across the nation.”

Cowabunga was recently featured at a Philadelphia Sak’s Fifth Avenue “Girl’s Night In” event at the store, where attendees delighted in the company’s sumptuous frozen confections as they shopped and socialized. Cowabunga offers such on-site tastings and full-scale ice cream catering for special events nationwide.

Whether for personal enjoyment, as a decadent gift for others, or in bulk to elevate corporate, social and other special events, Cowabunga Ice Cream offers a wide variety of perennial and seasonal flavors, with many that are exclusive to the brand. Offerings in its current designer ice cream line include:

Rodeo Drive Designer Flavors:

  • Cookie Dough – Cookie dough flavored ice cream with chocolate chip cookie dough chunks and dark chocolate chips mixed in
  • Mint Chocolate Chip – Cool mint flavored ice cream with dark chocolate chunks
  • Cake Batter – Cake batter flavored ice cream that takes like it just like out of the mixing bowl
  • Almond Joy – Coconut flavored ice cream with almonds and dark chocolate chips mixed throughout
  • Coffee Espresso – Rich coffee flavored ice cream with chocolate covered espresso beans scattered throughout
  • New York Cheesecake – Luxurious creamy cheesecake flavored ice cream including real cheesecake chunks and graham cracker swirled through

Off 5th Avenue Chocolate Flavors:

  • Classic Chocolate – A rich and decadent chocolate ice cream
  • Death by Chocolate – Chocolate ice cream with chocolate chunks, chocolate cake “crunchies” and fudge swirled throughout
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter – Chocolate ice cream swirled with creamy peanut butter

Lux Vanilla Flavors:

  • Very Vanilla – A smooth and velvety vanilla ice cream unlike any other
  • Take 5 – Vanilla ice cream with peanuts, caramel, chocolate covered pretzels mixed in
  • Rice Krispy® Treat – Vanilla ice cream with marshmallow swirled throughout and with Rice Krispies® mixed in

Beverly Hills R.E.A.L. Yogurt – all flavors are low fat and contain probiotics to naturally promote healthy digestion:

  • Red Velvet Cake
  • Peanut Butter
  • Chocolate Cable Car
  • Strawberry

Those who’ve experienced Cowabunga Ice Cream rave not only about its bold, creative flavors, but also the fresh and creamy taste said to make other “premium” ice creams taste “day old.” New York Times best selling author Omar Tyree has proclaimed Cowabunga as “the Louis Vutton of ice cream,” while ActionCOACH business consultant Steve Vorrius declared, “Once you taste this ice cream you will never look at ice cream the same again.”

Those wishing to order Cowabunga Ice Cream may do so online at

About Cowabunga Ice Cream

Cowabunga Ice Cream was originally founded to give the Jersey Shore community a friendly place to gather and enjoy high-caliber classic and healthy frozen desserts. As word spread about the taste and quality of Cowabunga ice cream, the company inspired to offer its unique approach to ice cream on a national level. Today, Cowabunga Ice Cream is known as the world’s first designer ice cream offering a luxe epicure experience that leaves consumers longing for more. In addition to its bevy of beloved ice cream flavors, Cowabunga also offers healthy frozen yogurts containing probiotics – the natural way to promote healthy digestion. The company’s ice cream and ice cream cakes are also available in bulk orders for special events. Learn more online at

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