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Sometimes synchronicity happens, less than ordinary events over the course of days, weeks, even months are suddenly extraordinary summoned together in a single thought. Sometimes synchronicity is a welcomed occurrence, comfort found in the sensibility of seemingly random events. An Ah-Ha! moment. Sometimes synchronicity is unpleasant, bridging the present to buried pasts.

Sometimes it is not synchronicity at all but the mind playing tricks, needing to rationalize unsettling though coincidental occurrences to compensate unresolved often painful memories.

2 responses

  1. Lindsay

    I just blogged about synchronicity today. I don’t believe it’s ever the ‘mind playing tricks’ like you mentioned, though!

    – Lindsay

    1. Vincent

      @Lindsay – Thank you for reading. I like the name of your blog and am eager to begin digging deeper into its posts. Please visit Cranial Gunk again at

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