New York Comic Con 2022 DAY 1

Vincent Avatar

Day 1 of this year’s NY Comic Con was definitely “Velma Day.” They even held an impromptu Velma contest before the panel with Mindy Kaling, excutive producer for the new show about Velma from Scooby Doo.

Having experienced the fiasco of last year’s Anime NYC, I have to compliment ReedPop on how far they’ve come at anticipating crowd size and managing the flow of people around and in the convention center. I’ve been attending the NYCC for a long time and remember years of mishaps and overcrowding.

I ended Day 1 at the Mayfair Witches panel. I was too far away to get a good picture but Alexandra Daddario has the intensest jade green eyes. I wish you could have seen them through the lens I was using. The pictures I took didn’t capture their intensity at all.

Kudos to Harry Hamlin for attempting to add some levity and energy to the panel. When he mentioned that he had worked with green screens and special effects before, I wanted to shout “How many a mortal man face and defeat the Kraken?”

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