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Vincent Young considers himself fortunate to have had so many passionate and patient teachers in and out of the classroom. He strives to pay it forward and inspire like his teachers inspired him.

Thoughtful but never the scholar, Vincent knows from personal experience that guided play is the most effective way to teach students struggling to thrive in traditional classrooms. A graduate of Bank Street College, he wonders why upper grade teachers have replaced effective gameplay with mindnumbing lectures and Powerpoint slides?

He has devoted his professional life as an educator and curriculum developer to creating opportunities for meaningful play for students in the upper grades.

Vincent draws inspiration from a broad and diverse catalogue of visual and literary works. He keeps a personal book and media review blog, designs and writes a financial education newsletter for grade school students, and has been published in several anthologies and blogs including Local/Express: Asian American Arts and Community - 90s NYC, The Nuyorasian Anthology, the Rice Daddies blog, and NPR's Tell Me More blog.