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So I Survived the Zombie Apocalypse

The Return of the Living Dead was my introduction to zombie movies. It had an amazing soundtrack. 45 Grave’s “Partytime” is my favorite song from it. This Wednesday, November 20, Dark Horse Comics will release the newest addition to the…

Nika Lubitsch’s 7th Day

It’s chapters are easily divisible by the mock news clips she provides to give you a quotient of interconnected episodes from a series about a woman on trial for murdering her husband. … Regarded as a classic, the discriminating observer cannot ignore that the story pushes the boundaries of coincidence: Kim Novak’s character happens to resemble the woman depicted in a painting, who happens to have a tragic backstory, and then Jimmy Stewart’s character happens to catch a glimpse of Kim Novak’s character, leading the movie’s conclusion (neatly wrapped up in Kim Novak’s confession).