Vincent Young creates and manages curricula content and training materials with a focus on students in grades 4-12 and their teachers. Informed by his background in media study and museum education he often finds creative solutions to a broad range of curricular and program challenges.


As Assistant Vice President of Curriculum Initiatives for the SIFMA Foundation, Vincent has supported the evolution of its acclaimed investor education program, The Stock Market Game, from a paper and pencil activity to an interactive online learning experience. Vincent also manages the Foundation’s social media assets and introduced webinars and internet video support to its teachers. The Teacher Support Center, the Math Behind the Market activity books, the In the News newsletters, and the establishment of an instructional syllabus are some of the projects Vincent has developed in response to the changes in the educational landscape and the life skills children of the 21st Century will need in the 22nd.


He also enjoys writing and has been published in Nuyorasian, an anthology of New York Asian American writers, and the Asian American Literary Review’s Local/Express anthology. He has also been published electronically in blogs like NPR’s Tell Me More, Kevin Powell’s BK Nation, and Rice Daddies. He regularly posts about books, education and parenting on his own blog, Cranial Gunk.


Vincent earned an MS Ed. from Bank Street College of Education. He received his BA in English and Media Studies from the University of Buffalo.