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Vincent Young is currently the AVP of Curriculum Initiatives at the SIFMA Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to providing students in grades 4-12 with lessons in financial literacy. He creates and manages lesson plans and curricula for teachers of grades 4-12 students. This also includes teaching resources like newsletters and videos.

Vincent also manages the Foundation’s social media.

His fascination with new media and social technology lead to the development of The Stock Market Game’s Teacher Support Center (an online financial literacy teaching resource center), the Foundation’s first series of webinars, a YouTube channel, and the launch of its first social media profiles.

He writes and edits many of the lessons and handouts in the Teacher Support Center. He has written or completed deep revisions of several of the Foundation's curriculum guides. Most recently, he has taken on the responsibilities of writing the IN THE NEWS financial newsletter series for students in grades 6-8.

Vincent also writes about books, movies, TV, and videogames on his blog Cranialgunk.net. He was a regular contributor to Rice Daddies, an Asian American fatherhood blog. He has had essays and poetry published in the Asian American Literary Review’s LOCAL/EXPRESS anthology and NUYORASIAN, an anthology of Asian American writers living in New York City.