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I believe in play.

I believe it is an effective way to practice real world social interactions and apply academic content. I express this through the teaching materials and designs I create.

Currently, I am AVP of Curriculum Initiatives at the SIFMA Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit. However, my work is not bound by the title. In addition to writing and maintaining the financial education curricula for students in grades 4-12, I am also engaged in developing social media posts, videos, and graphic design projects.

Outside of the office, I write about books, pop culture, and media on my blog, Cranial Gunk. I was a regular contributor to Rice Daddies, an Asian American fatherhood blog, and have had essays and poetry published in the Asian American Literary Review’s Local/Express anthology and Nuyorasian, an anthology of 90's New York Asian American writers published by the Asian American Writers Workshop.

I earned an MS Ed. from Bank Street College of Education and a BA in English and Media Studies from the University of Buffalo (SUNY).